Investing Today In Tomorrow's Technology

Environmentally Sustainable Investment

Offering stable returns to Investors and predictable savings to Consumers.

Green Energy

Each Kwh of electricity sold has kept 1kg of CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Facilitating the Adoption of Renewable Technology

With large operational scale and expertise homes can be powered today using tomorrows technology.

A obvious solution to Current problems

Why solar?

South Africa receives roughly double the solar radiation of European countries, making solar technology particularly suitable to the climate. 

Solar technology has made significant strides in recent years with the adoption of the technology requiring little to no change in lifestyle or habits.

If applied correctly solar technology will improve living standards by offering tangible savings.

The technology requires no moving parts, improving reliability over other sources of renewable energy. 

Up to 98% efficiency
Providing up to 50% of a households consumption
0% Emissions


Private Residence

Sectional Title

Load Shedding


Leveraging the investment benefits of Section 12J, 12B and the natural power of the sun, Rencell has partnered with Residential Solar Solutions to provide a first of its kind short term Power Purchase Agreement exclusively to residential consumers.  While offering investors substantial financial returns by means of an asset backed annuity income, consumers benefit from reduced reliance on traditional fossil fuel energy sources while for the first time offering consumer’s choice as to their provider of electricity.

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Investor return - IRR
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Dividend Yield
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