Contrary to popular belief, going solar is much easier than one might imagine. With load-shedding expected around every corner, there needs to be a way to guarantee energy availability, which affects the safety and security of you and your family. 

As a company who specialises and aides in going solar, we are proud to announce that we are ready to install our photo voltica (PV) systems on our very first client apartment complex – our new installation agreement is with Plaisir!

Plaisir, a quaint apartment complex situated in Morningside, Gauteng, is ready to utilise the full benefits of solar in the next few months. The residents elected for the switch to solar, as their security is very important to them – as well as saving money and the environment! 

The board of trustees of Plaisir was more than happy to approve this decision, keeping in mind that all their savings from paying Eskom will be used to improve the complex’s energy infrastructure,  thereby improving the lives of all residents. 

Subsequent to the installation of the PV system, a reliable battery system will be put in place. This means no dips, spikes, blowouts, or blackouts will occur. The battery system will double as an uninterrupted supply power (UPS.) 

The decision to use the PV equipment in a complex was based on the rise in electricity tariffs and the increase in security risks, such as burglaries, and in addition, unreliable third-party metering companies, which overcharged  for menial services.

The installation of the batteries will give residents 4-6 hours of power each. In the event of load-shedding and taking into consideration the average usage patterns of the complex – each resident is encouraged to consume slightly less electricity, they could ramp up the availability of power by up to 6-8 hours. This ensures no one is left without basic commodities during an outage period, such as lights and hot water.

The PV and battery system is scheduled to be operational during the course of the year. 

We want to congratulate the residents of Plaisir for being one-step ahead in S.A. and on the path to a greener future, which is also very bright!

Adriaan Erasmus

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