Non-Executive Director - Karén Breytenbach

Karén Breytenbach was for a period of 9 years, with the South African
National Treasury, Public Private Partnership (PPP) Unit and thereafter held the
position as Head of the Independent Power Producer (IPP) Procurement Office in the
South African Department of Energy from 2011 until July 2019. The Office is a
partnership between the Department of Energy, National Treasury and Development
Bank of Southern Africa.
As the former Head of the IPP Procurement Office, Karén has been instrumental and
responsible for the conceptualization and implementation of the internationally
recognised Renewable Energy IPP Procurement Programme (REIPP PP), as well as
the conceptualization and procurement documentations of the gas-fired (liquified
Natural Gas (LNG) IPP procurement programme and the Information Memorandum,
gas utilisation master plan, coal baseload IPP programme, and co-generation IPP
Karén, furthermore has extensive experience in the procurement as well as the
funding, of large-scale infrastructure projects such as accommodation, toll roads,
water and sanitation and school infrastructure PPP concessions. She is currently an
independent consultant in the energy, water and other infrastructure sectors and
hopes to build on her experience and the success with the establishment of IPP
Procurement Office and the renewable energy and other IPP programmes in South
Africa to ensure sustainable and responsible infrastructure development on the
African continent.

Non-Executive Director - Adriaan Erasmus

Adriaan completed his B. Com Honours degree in 2015 at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and is currently completing his CFA. 

Adriaan started his career as an Investment Analyst at the Tindale Group, relocating to Johannesburg to join Grovest Corporate Advisory where he became a senior member of the corporate finance team specialising in renewables, hospitality and asset rental business.

Through his tireless efforts to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy in domestic applications, he co-founded RSS establishing the residential solar model and making short term PPA’s commercially viable and has subsequently been appointed as Rencell Management Services’ Chief Executive Officer

Non-Executive Director - Jeff Miller

Jeff holds a B.Com B.Acc CA, specialising in Accountancy and Finance and with over 30 years of investment experience, is a member of the sub-committee of SAVCA. He is a start-up specialist, having founded and sold numberous companies that include Brandcorp, KNR Flatrock, Balboa Finance, Born Free Properties, Eurosuit, Bride & Co, Redwood Capital and Seed Engine.